IMG_2533A bright dry day for the last race.  The race consists of 1 lap of a field and then 3 main laps eahc with two sharp climbs to push that heart rate to max.

Team: First Lewes AC, Second Heathfield/Uckfield, Third Hastings Runners.

Men: First Peter Woodward (Crowborough Runners), Second Gary Judges (Hailsham Harriers), Third Gary Foster (Hastings AC).

Ladies: First Helen Sida (Lewes AC), Second Sally Norris (Lewes AC), Third Riz Mazlan (Hastings Runners)

Juniors: First Leo Standen-Payne, Second Ross Chaplin (Hailsham Harriers), Third Erin Wright (Hailsham, Harrers)

As this was the last race of the season the race was followed by the presentations.

Team: First Lewes AC, Second Hailsham Harriers, Third Heathfield/Uckfield.

Please see results tab for full results of the day and full list of awards and photos tab for pictures taken by the official league photographer Lorraine West.

We would like to give a special mention to the Salvidge family, Bookers in Eastbourne, Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Stringtown Supplies in Polegate for supporting the event by their generosity.