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DSCF4265A bright dry day but with a cold wind.  Firle Beacon could not be discribed as sheltered so we were able to enjoy the full unfettered force of the wind.  Still itw as  very good turnout with 170 runners no most doubt seeking to run off some excess Christmas Fayre

First team was Lewes AC followed by Eastbourne and Hailsham in third place.

Men: first Robert James (Lewes), second David Bradford (Lewes), third Edward Hickmen-Casey (Eastbourne).

Ladies: first Sue Fry (Hailsham), second Sam Alveraz (Hailsham), third Olivia Webb (Hailsham)

Juniors: first Toby Todah (unattached), Jasper Baker (Lewes), George Dyer (Eastbourne).

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The photos taken by my wife Lorraine have been posted to the Photos page.  There are 123 photos so most runners should find a photo of themselves.

DSCF4146Another glorious sunny day, blue skys and again sea views.  We have been spoiled so far this year.  Following a 2 minutes silence to commemorate Rememberance Sunday the race was underway.  There is only one hill on this race, you run down it for 2 miles and then back up. with a roughly level stretch at start and finish it makes a course of approximately 5 miles.

First team was Lewes AC with Hailsham Harriers in second place and Eastbourne Rovers third.

First man home was Edward Hickman-Casey Eastbourne Rovers followed by David and Matthew Bradford of Lewes in second and third place.

First Lady was Vicky Clark of Arena 80, second Sue Fry of Hailsham Harriers and third Jo Curran also of Hailsham Harriers.

In the Junior race Tom Thayre of Crawley AC was first followed by Jack Bailey of Heathfield Road Runners and Dylan Halpin of Eastbourne Rovers.

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As usual my wife Lorraine kindly acted as website photographer do please check out the photos on the photo page.  There are 128 photos so most runners should find themselves somewhere.

DSCF3839The sun was out, blue skys and Sea views what a pleasant start to the season.  This first race is an undulating three lap course by the Sea near Eastbourne.  You could have sunbathed on the beach afterwards: maybe some did.  A very strong turn out with 175 runners for the senior race  and 18 in the Junior race

First team was Hailsham Harriers narrowly beating Lewes AC, third was Eastbourne Rovers

First man was Dan Anderson and second Sean Parker Harding (both of Hastings AC), third Edward Hickman-Casey (Eastbourne Rovers)

First Lady Sue Fry, second Jo Curran and third Liz Lumber (all of Hailsham Harriers)

In the junior race Max Philips (Crowborough) was first followed by Jack Bailey (Heathfield Road Runners) and Ziggy Henry (Wadhurst Runners) in Third place

Please see the Photo's tab for more pictures.  There is well over 150 photo's so most runners should find themselves in at least one photo.  The Photos were kindly taken by my wife, Lorraine: if you were wondering why someone you don't know was taking your photo you now know why.

There is a link to the full results on the results tab including awards for the different age categories.  The overall results for the season are:

First team was Lewes AC, Second Hailsham Harriers and equal third Crowborough/Wadhurst and Heathfield/Uckfield

Men overall: First Kris Everett (Hastings AC), Second Lee Ashworth (Hailsham Harriers), third Jamie Larkin (Hastings AC)

Ladies First Emma Richards (Hailsham Harrier), Second Sam Alvarez (Hailsham Harriers), third Jo Curran (also Hailsham Harriers)

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Photos are on the Photos page with again my wife enduring standing in a cold field to take the pictures.  Also thanks to my son Matthew and Peter Standen who assisted in compiling the results today.

DSCF2360Certainly a cold one this one, still a few brave souls in shorts and vest as I went for the lets see how much clothes I can put on option.  The first time we have run the course which was an undulating course of woodland and field, made for challenging by compacted snow on the course: still the snow made for some good photos.

First team was Lewes AC, Second Crowborough/Wadhurst and third Heathfield/Uckfield

First man was Kris Everett (Hastings AC), Second Mike Page (Crowborough), third Shaun Parker-Harding (Hastings AC)

First Lady Emma Richards (Hailsham Harrier), Second Sam Alvarez (Hailsham Harriers), third Olivia Webb (also Hailsham Harriers)


Cold but dry and little wind so conditions were good for running.

First team was Lewes AC, Second Heathfield/Uckfield and third Crowborough/Wadhurst

First man was Max Thomas (Hastings AC), Second Kris Everett (Hastings AC), third Robert James (Lewes AC)

First Lady Sam Alvarez (Hailsham Harriers), Second Caroline Wood (Arena 80) and third Maria Judd (Lewes AC)

For the Juniors Jack Hilliard (Crowborough Runners) was first, Lewis Clark (Hastings AC) second and Zac Ellis (Crowborough Runners) third

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Photos are on the Photos page with again my wife enduring standing on a muddy path to take the pictures.

DSCF2138After the biting cold of the previous race this felt like spring, the sun stayed hidden but with no detectable wind the conditions were ideal for running.

First team was Lewes AC, Second Hastings Runners and third Heathfield/Uckfield.

First male was Lee Ashworth (Hailsham), second James Cox (Heathfield) and John Lowden (Lewes).

For the ladies first Holly Wheeler (Hastings AC), second Jo Curran (Hailsham) and third Sally Norris (Lewes).

For the Juniors first Alfie Clark (Hastings AC), second Rebekaa Coomber (Eastbourne), third Katie Titmus (Heathfield)

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Check out the Photos on the Photos page.  With my normal loyal photographer otherwise occupied Bev Chapman kindly volunteered to be the race photographer.

100_1840Well winter certainly arrived for this one: slippy road up to Firle Beacon bitting wind when you got there.  Still I spotted a few brave soles in shorts and vest as I comptemplated whether I had bought enough clothes.  First time on this course, very scenic view of the sea to one side and most of Sussex to the other.

First team was Hailsham, second Lewes AC and third Crowbourgh/Wadhurst.

First male was Kris Everett (Hastings AC) second Tom Morris (Lewes) and third Lee Ashworth (Hailsham).

For the ladies first Emma Richards (Hailsham), second Sam Alvarez (Hailsham) and third Jo Curran (Hailsham).

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See Photos for Phots taken by my wife Lorraine.