The committee have concluded that it was it was not viable to put on cross country races for 2020/21.  A brief explanation as to the reasons why are given below.

You can operate races on one of 2 bases:

1. Competition with a maximum of 12 athletes per wave racing in traditional format for less than 15 minutes...…….
2. Competition longer than 15 minutes can take place but must be set up so that social distancing can be maintained at all times.

Unless we reduce the race distance to 1 mile the first does not work. Effectively to maintain social distancing under 2 we would need to use a time trial format say a runners going every 10 seconds: if we had 300 runners it would take and hour to get everyone through the start, the results would be difficult to compile. There are further issues re parking: we could not encourage car share but without that most courses do not have sufficient parking.

Essentially the guidance seems to be geared to small events rather than mass participation. We could have a league with very restricted numbers say just 3 from each club but then if becomes an 'elite' race and really is not what this league is about.

Further it just seems inappropriate to organise an event with a large number or people turning up when generally people are limited to groups of 6 and may not even be able to meet close family or friends.

Regretably we concluded it is not viable for this season.


RESULTS 2019/20

We had planned to present awards at the first race of the season but in the circumstances these are being distributed to the club reps to hand out to the award winners. Please see the Resuls tab for the awards and final results for 19/20.