Just a few reminders in particular following on from points on the committee meeting as per an earlie news item:

1. Junior U15/U17 is 9:50am start and U11/U13 9:55am (last year 10:00am). But can all Juniors please be at the start by 9:45am to hear any announcements: U11/U13 please stand back from the start line until the U15/U17 have started.
2. Seniors 10:30 start as before
3. If pre registered pick up your number from your club rep.
4. If paying on the day adding to the queue will close 30 minutes before race start to allow those in the queue to be processed ahead of race start and avid delays to race start.
5. For both Juniors and Seniors.
a) If pre reg you need to keep your number: you use the same number at all races. The club rep or (other other person from the club) should print the list of pre reg and tick all runners present: this is then handed in to registration before the start of the race. If the list has already been handed in before you are ticked please go to registration and tick the list (you should not need to join the main queue). The list is used to check runners who start to the finish results and is an important check to ensure the results are as accurate as they can be.
b) If non pre reg you can use your number at future racesSeniors however you must queue, re register the number and pay the £5 or £7 at each race or else you will not be included in the results. As Juniors are free they do not need to re-register the number but if you have been issued with more than one number please use the last number issued (because that is the one recorded on the computer against your name.

Looking forward to the start of a new season